Let us help keep your employees safe from germs

If you want to help keep your employees safe and healthy, we have the answer.

A recent study has found germs take just two hours to spread from an office door handle to half of the employees that area.

The study, which was presented at an infection disease meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, involved a harmless bug with properties similar to norovirus being planted on an office door handle at the start of a work day.

Researchers tested 60 - 100 surfaces including light switches, computers, push buttons and taps every two hours to monitor the spread of the virus and found that 40% - 60% were contaminated within two to four hours.

Our self cleaning touchpoint and mats, which can cover door handles, touch screens and desk tops can help in the fight against viruses like coronavirus and flu and can help reduced the spread of viruses by 80 to 99%.”

Research shows touching surfaces and objects is   the fastest way to spread a virus, far more than coughing and sneezing.

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