NanoSeptic - Keeping your Restaurant Customers Safe

In today’s restaurant environment, clean matters more than ever to your customers and employees.

When your customers feel safe, they’ll come back again and again. And when your employees feel safe, they can focus on creating a great experience for your guests.

That feeling of clean is what Set Clean Solutions andNanoSeptic is all about.

Research Proves Clean Makes a Difference

Did you know...

- 88% of travellers said that their perception of a business was positively impacted by the use of NanoSeptic surfaces.

- 64% of travellers indicated they would select a business (airport, airline, hotel, cruise, restaurant) which uses NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces over one that does not. This became an overriding theme in the research data. Because the surfaces were visible and communicated what they did, travelers felt safer and more secure with their travel environment.

- 83% of travellers would not put their personal items directly on a hotel bathroom vanity or put food and personal items on an airplane tray table. If forced to do so, almost 50% of travelers would take action to clean those surfaces themselves using wipes or hand sanitizer as a cleaning agent.

- 52% of respondents expressed an interest in purchasing a portable self-cleaning surface to use in their travels.

- 63% of respondents rated hotels as the number 1 type of facility which concerned them when it came to cleanliness.

- 81% of travellers indicated that they were concerned about the cleanliness of public surfaces. This result extended even to businesses that made cleaning a priority. This indicates a lack of consumer trust that could only be overcome by visible or tangible efforts...seeing is believing.

What’s more, the use of visible self-cleaning surfaces produced a halo effect on consumers. They assumed that the business or facility was cleaner overall just by seeing a self-cleaning surface. What’s more, an overwhelming

- 71% perceived the hotel that uses new technology to be cleaner.

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