Staying Safe from Germs and Viruses in Supermarkets

Figures released this week show that Supermarkets are now the most frequent common exposure settings for those catching coronavirus in England.

The stats, collated by Public Health England (PHE) using the NHS Test and Trace app show that supermarkets were the most common location reported by people testing positive for Covid-19.

We all do our best to shop when we think it will be quieter, wear masks and use hand sanitisers as we enter and exit the shops but supermarkets, mini markets and food shops are high traffic areas with more than your average touch points.

Bug, germs and viruses can all live for up to three days on surfaces such as doors, handles, shopping trolleys and baskets. 

The risk of catching covid-19 could be greatly reduced in supermarkets if handles on baskets and the push bar on shopping trolleys were covered in our Nanoseptic self cleaning skins and wraps. 

These products continuously self cleaning products turn dirty, high traffic public touch points into cleaner surfaces you can see.

Powered by light, NanoSeptic surfaces utilise mineral nano-crystals to create a powerful oxidation reaction. Working 24/7, the surface continually oxidises organic contaminants two keep them clean and safe. Unlike traditional disinfectants and cleaners, the NanoSeptic surface uses no poisons, heavy metals or chemicals, and nothing is released from the surface since the nano-crystals are molecularly bonded to the material.

Lasting for months at a time, the wraps can even be branded with your shop or supermarket's name.

Shoppers would be encouraged to use your outlet over your competitors as they would know they were safe and appreciate that you were helping make a difference. 

What matters to customers these days is that you care about them and what you do to get through this current situation.

If you could like to knew more about our self cleaning products or would like to try them for yourself please email or visit our shop.